Why DocXtools Companion?

Improve Productivity

Resolve Microsoft Word issues with one click, with software that is easy to install, learn, and start using immediately.

Ensure Quality

Spend your time crafting legal language and producing consistent, quality documents instead of struggling with formatting.

Increase Profitability

Empower your lawyers to fix their own documents quickly and effectively, reducing reliance on Word experts and support staff.

"DocxTools Companion allows us to do more and be more efficient, but it also empowers us to deliver a higher level of work and to give our clients a higher level of service."

Karen Norman, IT Director at Downs Rachlin Martin PLLC

Key Features of DocXtools Companion


Copying and pasting, multiple authors, and formats are a few ways numbering can become a challenge—fix any issue with a single click.


Microsoft Word’s cross-reference functionality can be challenging—duplicated instances of the word section and broken cross-references are just a few errors you can correct instantly.

Table of Contents

Whether the TOC is missing, inaccurate, or not functioning, DocXtools Companion will create or repair it.

Conversion Clean-Up

Fix issues that arise when converting Word to PDF, such as page numbers, section breaks, paragraph spacing, tables, and more.

See DocXtools Companion in Action