Content Companion

The most efficient path to compliance.

Content Companion is a content library accessible directly within Microsoft Word that allows for easy storage, retrieval, and distribution of approved information, helping the entire organization produce documents with consistent language.

Why Content Companion?

Speed & Convenience

Access preferred content directly within the document, saving time and driving adoption.

Consistent Quality

Safeguard the reputation of the firm by encouraging use of the best, approved content.

Safer Reuse

Automatically anonymize content from prior documents, save to clause library, and safely reuse it anytime.

What Others Say About Content Companion

Pharmaceutical Company Improves Document Content Management

Director, Regulatory Operations Global Pharmaceutical Company

"I needed a better way to share and manage my standardized regulatory document content. Content Companion does everything I need it to—stores my content in an approved location and makes it easy to access through its Microsoft Word tools."

Key Features

Maintain Compliance

Build new or update existing documentation by easily accessing approved content to maintain consistency and keep regulators happy.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Reduce the time it takes to manually find and pull content from multiple locations enable the team to focus their attention on higher value activities.

Simplify Content Management

Decrease hassle among anyone who leverages relevant regulatory information by accessing standardized content from one central location.

Document Quality

Safeguard the reputation of your company by encouraging use of approved, standard content.

Want to see it in action?

doLoop & Content Companion Integration


doLoop Technologies and Content Companion partnered to leverage doLoop’s natural language processing (NLP) capability to provide a high-level view of complex documents so users can easily identify, save, and re-use large sets of trusted content without any interruptions in the workflow.

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