Contract Companion

Use AI to deliver high-quality documents, faster.

Contract Companion is a proofreading tool that leverages Artificial Intelligence to ensure your documents meet your firm’s strict quality standards and your clients’ expectations.

Contract Companion helps you focus on what matters.

Alarmingly, over 65% of legal professionals say they're under too much time pressure, with the result that more than one in three admits to skipping proofreading tasks. See how Contract Companion safely speeds up the review process.


Why Contract Companion?

Review Faster

Automatically identify and review errors in real-time and quickly get back to higher-value activities.

Improve Quality

Consistently demonstrate the legal teams’ capabilities, value, and work integrity.

Reduce Risks

Reduce time pressure and complete a more precise review that is difficult to achieve manually at the 11th hour.

What Others Say About Contract Companion

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Matthew K. Blaine, Esq. Partner at Davison, Eastman, Muñoz, Lederman, & Paone

"I use Contract Companion every time I finish a document… It has made it simpler to pick up formatting, editing, and numbering issues. My documents are tight as a result. The resulting reliability and confidence is immeasurable."

Shawn Chan Associate Director at Altum Law Corporation

"Work has been made easier since we’ve adopted technology from Litera Microsystems. Contract Companion frees us up to do work of a higher value. For example, less time spent on drafting translates into additional time for us to do research on our client’s business and allows us to offer more tailored services."

Michael F. Brennan Founder and Attorney at The Virtual Attorney

"It has made our practice much more efficient. Instead of having to go through a document three to four times, we can use the program once and be confident that we are generating a high-quality, error-free document. Contract Companion almost totally eliminates the multiple-review phase."

Key Features


Assess the legal health of documents in a single click and instantly see items that need attention.

Active Drafting

Issues will be flagged and surfaced where the curser lays in the document, helping users correct items as they go.

Defined Terms, Cross-references, and Citation

Review flagged items to ensure validity, accuracy, consistency, and clarity.

Editing Mistakes

Remedy mistakes such as unpaired quotation marks, spacing variations, inconsistent numbering, phrases, and case-specific information.

Want to see it in action?

Calculate Your ROI for Contract Companion

Our customers report an average time savings of one hour per week while using Contract Companion. Enter the details below to simulate your potential annual return on investment.

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Litigation Companion

Accelerate tedious document review and editing tasks with Litigation Companion, and litigators can focus on what matters – winning for their client.

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Litera Check


The new Litera Check combines Contract Companion with DocXtools Companion and Litigation Companion to create one seamless workflow with a single task pane for users and one add-in and one installer for IT to manage.

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