Litera Check

Fix technical and Legal structure.

Litera Check combines all Litera’s proofreading and repair tools to create one seamless workflow with a single task pane for users and one add-in and one installer for IT to manage.


Litera Check helps you focus on what matters.

Legal Documents demand two broad categories of checking: identification and repair of errors in the technical structure, including numbering and formatting issues, and proofreading for errors in the legal structure, including citations and defined terms. See how Litera Check repairs documents in seconds and safely speeds up the review process.

Why Litera Check?

Litera Check combines the power of Contract Companion, Litigation Companion (powered by Best Authority), and DocXtools Companion into one simple, clear workflow with a single task pane, one add-in, and one installer. This streamlined tool is the legal industry’s all-in-one solution to analyze, proofread, repair, and make corrections to documents to improve turnaround times, and relieve the burden of repetitive work so you can spend more time adding value through better client service.

See how Litera Check takes away the frustration of document review and repair:

Work Smarter

Let technology handle the review and TOA processes to eliminate stress at the 11th hour and allow the team to focus more on higher-priority work.

Improve Quality

Consistently demonstrate the capabilities, value, and work integrity of your legal teams—who can spend their time crafting legal language instead of struggling with formatting

Reduce Risks

Reduce the risk of error under time pressure by streamlining review and increasing precision

Industry Standard

Automatically identify and review errors and quickly get back to higher-value activities.

Document Stability

Fix any issue that makes a document unstable and apply your firm’s house style with a click.

Improve Productivity

Resolve document issues instantly, thanks to intuitive software that’s easy to learn and use

Key Features


the legal health of documents in one click and instantly see items that need attention.


TOCs, TOAs, and TOPAs in seconds. Apply hyperlinks to case citations and references from a wide range of online research providers.


defined terms, citations, numbering, spacing, quotations, and more quickly and easily.


any issue in a single click or one-by-one. Clean up documents converted from Word to PDF, apply or import styles, and fix numbering and cross-references instantly.

Want to see it in action?

Calculate Your ROI for Litera Check

Our customers report an average time savings of 30 minutes per week while using Litera Check. Enter your details below to simulate your potential annual return on investment.

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