Litera Compare

Total comparison of multiple document types.

Litera Compare accurately detects changes across any two documents in seconds. This market-leading document comparison solution integrates into your working life, whether you’re working from a desktop, the cloud, or on the go, so you never miss a beat.


Litera Compare helps you focus on what matters.

The time it takes to manage revisions from multiple authors in multiple document formats can become a serious cost issue, not to mention error-prone when spotting changes by eye. See how Litera Compare helps you compare with confidence.


Why Litera Compare?

Instant Insight

Get a holistic analysis of every changed element within your document in a layout that is easy to understand. 

Streamline Review

Eliminate manual comparisons and version creation with the power to quickly identify changes.  

Trusted Accuracy

Have confidence every change was captured, then accept, reject, or flag changes for later review.

What Others Say About Litera Compare

Lawyers and Support Teams Work Faster & More Effectively

Corporate Legal Teams Compare Documents with Ease

Document Comparison Integration Fuels Innovation

David Bullock IT Director at Ward Hadaway 

"Document comparison is an essential part of the work carried out by both lawyers and their support teams – decreasing the amount of time spent comparing documents enables the team to process documents faster, turn around work for lawyers quicker and it helps to deliver great client service while keeping the teams happy."

Paige Henney Zachry Construction Corporation 

"I'm extremely pleased with this product, because it helps make comparing documents fast and easy."

Stuart Barr Chief Product & Strategy Officer at HighQ

"We’re impressed by how simple Litera has made it for us to integrate valuable document comparison into our flagship systems, and we are particularly excited about the opportunity it creates to enhance the experience for the external users our clients invite to collaborate in the HighQ platform."

Key Features

Integrated Workflow

At home or on the go, compare entire documents or only highlighted snippets within Outlook, the document and case management systems, or directly within the PDF, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file.  

Compare Anything

See changes in charts, text, tables, comments, embedded objects (Excel sheets, ChemDraw, Visio, etc.), OCR, and embedded images (JPG, TIFF, BMP, etc.).  

Change Summary

The comparison analysis is structured by change type and quantity, helping you filter results and quickly modify or flag for later.  

Save & Share

Save the redlines, a merged version, or create a new document with the original formatting that reflects combined changes, then print or email.

Want to see it in action?


Litera Compare Server

Litera offers Litera Compare Server, which allows users to compare documents wherever they want, such as proprietary and third-party applications.


Litera Compare Office 365

Quickly, accurately, and reliably compare Word and PDF documents from a web browser or a standard desktop.

Enable seamless document comparisons from Word for Microsoft 365 Learn More