Frequently Asked Questions about Workshare Professional Renewals

As a part of Litera’s roadmap, we are continually updating our products with the latest fixes and feature updates. As a part of this process, we are phasing out the software package known as Workshare Professional. The core product features are being maintained, but this leads to a few points of interest when it comes to product names, invoice terms, and what our customers are accessing.

Workshare Professional contracts will continue to automatically renew, with invoice and billing terms now referring to Litera Compare as the product included in the contract. The vast majority of Workshare Professional customers use it for all their document comparison needs, and this should provide no disruption for them.

For the customers who used Workshare Professional’s metadata cleaning features (also known as Workshare Protect), please note that this feature set will be in Expired Support as of Litera’s Q4 2021 release of Metadact. This was announced to the market as a part of our Product Release, Version Support, and Obsolescence Policy. All metadata types supported in Workshare Protect have been supported by Metadact since Litera’s Q2 2020 release of Metadact. If you are looking to maintain a solution that cleans document metadata as a part of your renewal, please talk to our Sales team about Metadact. If you’d like to find out more yourself before reaching out, please look at the Litera Web Store or Litera’s webpage on Metadact.