Litera Desktop is a single toolbar that includes everything a lawyer needs to draft documents. The result? An integrated, seamless experience that ensures user adoption and consolidates vendors.

Why Litera Desktop?

Lawyers have access to a wide range of document-related technologies. However, this creates a cluttered desktop and a lack of awareness for tools that are available, which then leads to a disjointed and inefficient workflow. Precious time and money are wasted, and IT struggles to manage a variety of products from multiple vendors.

Litera Desktop removes this complexity. It is the legal industry’s only unified solution that supports the best-of-breed document drafting technology from Litera and Workshare through a single Word ribbon, streamlining the lawyer’s workflow and creating operational efficiencies for IT departments.

How Litera Desktop Helps

IT & Operations Managers


IT & Operations Managers

Consolidate Vendor Relationships

Save time and effort spent on technical support, procurement, and billing with one point of contact that truly understands your business.

Eliminate 'Shelfware'

Reduce clutter of unused technology and ensure adoption by providing a single, comprehensive solution that supports the entirety of a lawyer’s drafting needs.

Simplify Software Management

Avoid ‘conflict’ between add-ins with a true complement to the document ribbon. Updates are released quarterly to help plan for upgrades and desktop refreshes, and to help maintain security, increase stability, and compatibility.


Maintain Focus on Clients

Spend more time with clients delivering value, and less time cleaning documents and searching for drafting tools.

Access Everything in One Place

Avoid the need to click through different tabs and different products from multiple vendors to accomplish a task; instead, have all the tools a lawyer needs, where they’re needed.

Complement the Workflow

Litera Desktop was built to accommodate all of a lawyer’s necessary drafting tools, and can be configured to fit their workflow within Microsoft Office, a document management system, or another content provider.

Key Features


Create first drafts with our template and document assembly tools. Find and use the best clauses faster, with our clause library. Style content from any source consistently and quickly.


Automate the proofreading process to find potentially costly drafting errors faster and more effectively. Repair and stabilize documents at the click of a button.


Instantly and comprehensively compare various document types with Litera or Workshare. Protect against metadata exposure over email. Share files and collaborate with confidence by utilizing our suite of security solutions.

Single Interface

One toolbar that brings together all the technology users need to draft quality documents in a single, familiar interface.

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