Metadact® is a metadata management solution that helps protect against loss of reputation, financial risk, data leakage, and possible malpractice due to inadvertent disclosure.

Whether on-the-go or at the office, Metadact performs a thorough metadata scrubbing of every file, attaches the clean version to an email, and then helps protect the sender from making common email recipient mistakes.

Why Metadact?

Metadata management is key in addressing the risks of data loss and inadvertent disclosure threatening both the integrity of your information and the credibility of your firm. Multinational compliance and regulatory standards also require firms to invest in adequate security solutions to protect the private interests of clients.

Metadact provides the most comprehensive metadata scrubber solution available. With seamless email integration for automatic scrubbing of emails and attachments, Metadact empowers firms with administrative control over all hidden data in their files.


Reduce Risk

Detect and scrub all types of potentially harmful hidden metadata in documents and be confident it goes to its intended audience.

Ensure Compliance

Centralized control enables compliance across the entire organization regardless of location or work platform.

Guarantee Control

Safeguard sensitive information from leaving your environment with the ability to stop both intentional and accidental loss of information.

Key Features


Remove metadata from Microsoft Office files, ZIP files, PDF documents, and images.


Create personal and business-wide policies and settings to manage email distribution and control the types of metadata that can be shared.

Analyze Risk

Obtain an estimate of the metadata risk contained in a document based on multiple variables, including metadata quantity, type, and location.


Clean and protect information within documents emailed from mobile devices and send out mobile alerts.


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