More than just a metadata cleaner, Metadact protects your brand too.

Metadact redefines the capabilities of metadata technology, coupling a powerhouse of security with a simple design. Server-based Metadact provides total security on any device by enforcing data loss prevention, simplifying attachment management, and keeping your people covered.

Metadact helps you focus on what matters.

The biggest security risk in any organization is its people. When heavily relying on emails to collaborate, mistakes happen. Whether accidental or malicious, even a single misaddressed email could leak sensitive data. See how metadata cleaning is no longer a commodity with Metadact.


Why Metadact?

Total Control

Customize settings and receive insights to protect your firm’s information, without compromising workflows or slowing down senders.

Prevent Data Loss

Protect the firm from revealing sensitive data and catch email mistakes, suspicious activity, or metadata leaks from any device.

Manage Attachments

Eliminate the need for additional solutions and reorder, rename, and bind attachments without leaving your email.

What Others Say About Metadact

Boutique US Firm Automatically Protects Sensitive Data

NYC Firm Proactively Mitigates Risk Through Metadata Scrubbing

Joe Hernandez IT Director at Cotton Bledsoe Tighe & Dawson, P.C.

"Staff tell me they appreciate that IT ‘has them covered.’ They like the confidence and convenience of having potentially sensitive metadata automatically removed without their intervention when they send emails with attachments from any device."

Steven Heller Director of Technology at Graubard Miller

"Unless you’re a litigator, you might not think about how easy it is to unknowingly share information… until it’s too late. With Metadact baked into Outlook and on the desktop, scrubbing metadata from documents is now a standard procedure and reduces risk."

Anthony Vigneron Applications Director, Clifford Chance

“That’s just sitting there quietly in the background, but it does another important risk management job every time someone sends a client an email. It’s all about getting the cleanest, most professional version of the document possible.”

Key Features

Metadata Cleaning

Detect and clean 300+ types of metadata on any device with this market-leading server-side solution.

Full Email Control

Administrators and IT leverage DLP-like capabilities by blocking suspicious emails or placing them in quarantine.

Prevent Email Send Errors

Protect users against common recipient mistakes, like replying all when Bcc’d or sending emails to personal domains.

Attachment Manager

Quickly manage attachments, bind them, insert automatic cover pages and Tables of Contents, add passwords, and convert them to PDF directly from the email draft.

Azure Information Protection (AIP)

Stay secure with the first AIP integration that handles all file encryption and re-applies document setting labels after cleaning.

Third-party Security Policies

Extend DLP capabilities through applications such as iManage Security Policy Manager.

Want to see it in action?


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Litera offers an open application programming interface (API) for users to compare, clean, and securely collaborate on their documents wherever they want, such as proprietary and third-party applications.

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