With data protected, your business can continue

With ransomware and cybersecurity attacks on the rise, organizations must have systems in place to protect their data.

A proven business continuity plan offers security in protecting the data and keeping the business going in cases of damaging hacks, outages due to internal server issues, or cybersecurity breaches.

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The CAM Data Protection feature set supports on-premises (iManage server 10.3+) and Cloud systems (Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, NetDocuments, and iManage Cloud), allowing organizations to set policies to protect their data in case of incidents.

CAM Business Continuity allows organizations to store a copy of their DMS documents in their own private AWS Cloud instance, enabling staff to always access their files without losing work.

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Access Documents Instantly, Even During an Outage  

Key Features  

One-Time Password (OTP)

Sync document metadata and security on-premises and in the Cloud to CAM

Store your documents in your own AWS Cloud

Profile search and content download

Document check-in when systems are back online

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