Convert the manual, tedious process of managing transactions into a secure collaborative workspace with the Litera Transaction Management solution. The result? A painless and more profitable way to get deals done.

Why Transaction Management?

In any given deal, there are countless paper documents, revisions, and signatures to review, negotiate, and track. Lawyers get bogged down in the chaos of administrative tasks and, unfortunately, the time spent searching for attachments, managing signatures, and creating closing binders gets written-off.

Our secure transaction management platform brings control, peace of mind, and speed to legal transactions by centralizing checklists and reporting, tracking documents, tasks and versions, and automating the entire signature management process.

Enhance Collaboration

Keep everyone on the same page with full transparency into document revision responsibilities and real-time status updates.

Mitigate Risk

Protect clients’ interests and sensitive information by sharing documents within a secure platform, with an archivable digital evidentiary record of every deal.

Reduce Write-Offs

Accelerate the closing process and improve the overall client experience as lawyers reduce time spent on low-value activities.

Key Features

Centralize Project Management

Collaborate on CPs, checklists, versions, and notes together in one platform.

Manage Signature Pages

Get real-time signature tracking, automate signature blocks, pages, and packets, and schedule reminders.

Create Closing Books

Create your final deliverable in multiple formatting options in just a few clicks.

Capture Key Trends

Measure productivity and gain a competitive advantage for practice workflow efficiencies.

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