Litera Transact

Get deals done.

Manage transactions securely, efficiently, and collaboratively while boosting profits and amazing your clients.

Why Litera Transact?

Mitigate Risk

Protect clients’ information by sharing documents within a secure platform and ensure collection of all final executed agreements.

Increase Profitability

Increase realization rates by reducing time spent on low-value administrative tasks and accelerate the entire closing process through automation.

Impress Clients

Provide clients with an easy signing experience and real-time updates of their deal’s progress, and while spending more time as a trusted legal advisor.

Transform Key Deal Types

Litera Transact helps legal teams manage all transactions and simplify workflows across many different deal types. See the benefits our customers are experiencing in these practice areas.

Litera Transact helps you focus on what matters.

In any given deal, there are countless paper documents, revisions, and signatures to review, negotiate, and track. Lawyers get bogged down in the chaos of administrative tasks and, unfortunately, the time spent searching for attachments, managing signatures, and creating closing books gets written-off. See how Litera Transact helps firms impress clients and increase productivity.

Key Features


Interactive checklists allow internal and external parties to communicate directly within the platform, set roles and permissions, and provide a real-time view of all documents, versions, and deliverables throughout each stage of the deal process.


Dramatically improve the process of managing signatures from creating blocks to executing final documents. Documents requiring signatures are matched to pre-formatted signature page templates that can be customized to a firm’s specific style. Signature packets are automatically created for each signer and can be sent directly from the platform for electronic or wet ink signature.

Closing Books

Easily edit and organize the table of contents and create closing books for each transaction and for specific stakeholders within minutes. Users have several different options for closing book delivery, such as PDF or HTML format. 

Data Rooms

Collect and manage all diligence documents for each deal in a centralized data room with built-in communication and workflow tools.

What Others Say About Litera Transact

Global 100 Firm Streamlines Closing Process

Ice Miller Enhances Signature & Signing Process

Paula Macnamara, Managing Associate Simmons & Simmons

"There is a lot of running around in the latter end of the deal, which is not actually negotiating anything, it's purely the paper trail. Trying to logistically deal with the sheer volume of paperwork that's being thrown at you, and 30 emails all with the same header, with a system like [this] it makes the process a lot more streamlined."

Eric Goodman, Partner Ice Miller LLP

"I have found that I can routinely complete the signature page and signing process for certain closings in 24-48 hours. Before, these deals would routinely take 1-2 weeks just to get all signature pages back from the various parties. I can consistently close deals faster and more efficiently, which makes my client very happy!"

Want to see it in action?


This calculator illustrates the ROI you could achieve for each deal if you used Litera Transact.


Step 1: Find a recent deal you have worked on where you did not use an online transaction management system. Find the total accrued hours for that deal (before any write-off). Insert that figure into “Total Hours Worked on a Deal” below.

Step 2: Insert your trainee and associate bill rates into “Associate or Trainee Bill Rate.” Insert a blended rate into the calculator if your charge out rates have a range.

Step 3: See the return on investment per deal you could achieve by using Litera Transact.