Controlling Due Diligence

Due to the substantial size of these transactions, careful diligence is required. This process involves the review of large sets of documents by many different parties.

Managing Signatures

Creating signature pages for all documents that need to be signed, and compiling, sending, and tracking signature packets for each signer takes time away from higher-priority work.

Creating Custom Closing Books

When multiple parties are involved in a deal, there are piles of documents and unique versions of closing books that need to be made. Closing book creation can take hours to weeks.

Managing Checklists

Manually updating large checklists and sending and receiving documents through email makes it difficult to keep track of all versions and deliverables throughout the closing process.

Run a Perfect Real Estate Deal

Convert the manual, tedious process of managing transactions into a secure collaborative workspace with Litera Transact. Whether you are working on secured or unsecured lending, commercial developments or investments, acquisitions or dispositions—Litera Transact can help you efficiently manage the entire process from due diligence to closing.

Automate Steps

Remove approximately 70% of the steps in the deal process, which reduces write-offs and allows legal teams to focus on higher-value work.

Enhance Collaboration

Centralized diligence and closing checklists make it easier to communicate with all parties by providing real-time updates.

Increase Productivity

Save 60–80% of time spent managing the signature process and create large closing book sets in minutes.

Mitigate Risk

Protect clients’ information by sharing documents within a secure platform and ensure collection of all final executed documents.