Don’t Let Your Documents Slow You Down.

The 300-plus days it takes for a regulatory agency to approve a new drug application can seem like a lifetime for a patient who is waiting for your new therapeutic.

At Litera Microsystems, we support thousands of regulatory, medical affairs, and clinical operations specialists. Our easy-to-use tools integrate with Microsoft Word and satisfy the complex demands of document writing, accelerating your time to submission.

Automate, Control, and Accelerate Document Production.

Our goal at Litera Microsystems is to help you create high-quality documents more efficiently. When you invest a decade of research and massive resources into developing a new therapy, you face fierce pressure to submit regulatory documentation. Litera Microsystems is committed to accelerating the creation, review, formatting, and standardization of your document processes so you can take the fastest path to compliance.

Take the Fastest Path to Compliance.

Be certain your documents meet your company’s and the regulatory agency’s review standards with DocXtools for Life Sciences, Change-Pro Premier, and Content Companion from Litera Microsystems.

Optimize your document content, format, review, and consistency, and improve the quality of your documents. Empower your authors and review teams to produce high-quality submissions more efficiently. Patients Are Waiting.

Transform your documents.

Create and review documents faster.

Format documents and find and fix deviations from your standards in record time.

Empower your authors and review teams.

Integrate our solutions with your current workflows to produce high-quality, consistent submissions efficiently.

Mitigate risk.

Double-check your document’s integrity and update and deploy standardized content simply.

Get help when you need it.

Get ongoing support and expert assistance when you need it most.