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o master a successful case, everyone must be on the same page – organized, informed, and able to draw the right conclusions, fast. But when every team has a unique workflow, it becomes harder to stay on top of things and easier to accumulate stress, unbillable hours, and chaos.Case details change rapidly; you may not always know what information you need, but you’ll know where it is with Litera Litigate. Litera Litigate modernizes traditional workflows, helping teams add structure, accelerate insights, and stay connected throughout the case.

Why Litera Litigate?

Add Structure

Eliminate confusion with every case file organized and linked together in an intuitive, collaborative platform.

Accelerate Insights

Search for and access all stakeholders’ documents, files, comments, exhibits, and transcripts 56x faster.

Stay Connected

Build and prove your case more effectively when all information is tagged and available at your fingertips.

Key Features of Litera Litigate

Case Connections

With custom tagging and hyperlinking, Litera Litigate connects all relevant documents, transcripts, and files together, without depending on complex folder structures or excel worksheets, enabling real-time collaboration in a powerful, simple-to-use tool.

Searchable Database

Using a smart keyword search engine, search for documents, files, comments, exhibits, and transcripts from all stakeholders 56x faster. Plus, any non-searchable files will be OCR’d upon upload, making them easy to find.

All-Inclusive Witness Profiles

All case materials like deposition transcripts, affidavits, binders, witness interview notes, and more are automatically linked to the subject witness when they are added to the platform and displayed within an “at-a-glance” summary page, making it easy for team members to learn and get caught up no matter where they enter a case.

Dynamic Electronic Binders

Create, edit, reorder, and export case materials as binders, even with just a list of Bates numbers, with the ability to make adjustments in seconds and then send to print.

Highlights, Notes, and Transcripts

Be in sync with the entire litigation team as everyone’s notes and highlighted key findings are consolidated in one place. Import all court reporter files, including videos, at the same time and access them alongside all other assets.

"Litera Litigate is an invaluable tool, providing a seamless way to integrate critical case information and to provide clients with more effective data management."

- Cynthia Arato, Shapiro Auto LLP

"Just last night, I found a needle in a haystack with Litera Litigate. It's been great."

- Attorney at US Courts

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