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Users who send documents out for review to multiple parties, whether internal or external, and receive multiple versions back do not have an efficient way to understand how the original document was changed by all parties or manage the changes that were made.

Litera Review makes the tedious task of merging disparate changes from multiple authors into a single file, ensuring time savings and reduced complexity in this historically manual process. See how Litera Review enables you to review and act on changes made in multiple modified documents.

Why Litera Review?

Producing the next version of a document when you have multiple documents, authors, and comments, can be time consuming and frustrating.

Litera Review allows you to consolidate many revised documents into a single go-forward document, providing a many-to-one comparison of modified documents against an original and consolidating all changes into a single on-screen report and new master file. Each contributor’s changes are listed against the original text, so reviewers can make informed decisions about changes.

See How Litera Review Takes Away the Frustration of Multi-Version Reviews

Faster Reviews

Minimize time spent on document comparison and review and increase accuracy and efficiency.

Eliminate Paper

Enable online collaborative reviews, eliminating paper-based reviews.

Faster Next Versions

Unlike Track Changes, you do not have to accept and reject changes. Simply accept the changes you want and ignore everything else.

Key Features of Litera Review

Always in Sync

The original Word document and the Comparison Report are in sync. Clicking into either one takes you to the same spot in the other document.

No More Paper

All changes are presented in a consolidated on-screen report next to the original Word document. This can be on a single or dual monitor setup. No need any more to print out the modified documents to compare against the original.

See the Scale of the Changes

The Consolidated Comparison report heatmap provides the reviewer(s) an initial insight into how much change there is to the original, which sections will need more attention, and how long it will take to complete the review.

Many-to-One Comparison

Quickly compare multiple documents as part of a review process. Drag the modified Word documents onto the interface to compare against the original.

Determine the Order by Contributor

Apply filtering and sorting to see specific contributor(s) changes or feedback in the order you want to see them.

Note What Has Changed

Produce an end-of-review report listing changes to the document, citing reasons for decision-making as part of audit or compliance requirements.

See Litera Review in Action

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