Make Billing Move

The Centralized Invoice Processing System You’ve Been Waiting For  

Easy Invoice Collection

Collect invoices from all major carriers automatically.  

Local Review with Central Oversight

Enable local offices to audit and review shipments while managing final invoice processing from your central accounting location. 

Invoice Data Integration

Save hundreds of accounting team hours with customized upload files that include all GL codes and AP records necessary to complete cost allocation and pay carriers. 

Automatic Storage for Future Reference

Receive a detailed backup of all shipping costs, including receipts for individual shipments and entire invoices. 

Integrated Invoice Processing to Automate Invoice Retrieval, Review, and Payment

Efficient Invoice Management

PS/Invoice is a single platform to process invoices making it easier and more efficient to review, pay, allocate, and recover costs. 

Thorough Transaction Monitoring

Identify suspicious transactions (or transactions without proper cost allocation) quickly for further review, correcting them or challenging the transaction with the carrier for credit. 

Streamlined Financial Integration

Simplify cost allocation and payment process by uploading data directly to your financial system, allowing you to quickly and accurately close your billing periods.

Automated Receipt Attachments

Automatically attach receipts as images (PDFs) to document expenditures and improve cost allocation and recovery.

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