Optimize Your Evaluation Strategy

Simplify your evaluation process with data-driven annual reviews, immediate feedback, client matter reviews, and 360° evaluations that can be applied consistently across your firms.

Accurately Identify Evaluators

Find the most appropriate evaluators based on integrated matter history and capture a holistic view of performance with multiple reviewers.  

Nurture Growth and Drive Success

Encourage growth and retention with development plans, goal setting, coaching, and competency assessment. Track customizable goals for referencing during performance reviews. 

Empower Real-Time Feedback

Enable frequent, on-the-spot feedback as soon as it comes to mind, aligning with contemporary HR best practices. 

Fuel Excellence with Comprehensive Performance Management 

Cloud-based software that empowers law firms to manage internal appraisal processes, provide real-time feedback, surveys, goals, and development plans for your firm in one place. 

Custom Review Processes

Set up a wide variety of evaluation workflows for different groups, on different schedules, and with self-evaluations and multiple raters.  

Flexible Form Builders

Create evaluation forms with required questions, multiple sections, customizable ratings, and additional comments. At the end of a review cycle, a summary report aggregates responses in an easy-to-read format.   

Automated Reminders to Complete Evaluations

Complete evaluations on time with automated, customizable, and branded email reminders.

Reviews Based on Client Hours

Top Performance can integrate with your time and billing systems so an associate can easily see and pick reviewers based on the hours worked with partners.

Attorney Development

Guide associates to success based on their role and help mentors provide career paths with development plans and goals. 

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