Make Your Collective Intelligence the Foundation of Your Firm

Foundation provides the essential knowledge and tools for marketing and business development to compete more effectively and expand existing client relationships.

Moving beyond traditional Experience Management, Foundation’s Firm Intelligence platform gives you easy access to all required matter, people, client, and party data—the means to passively collect it from core internal and external systems—and built-in processes to ensure it’s always complete, accurate, and up-to-date.

Powerful integrated tools make it easy to find, package, and share firm intelligence for business development needs like strategic planning, supporting lawyers, improving client development, and inclusion in your website, proposals, submissions, and more.

Get the Information Needed to Do Your Job

Searching across any single entity is possible with most systems and is easy to do in Foundation. But, what’s truly transformative is having all the searchable, current, accurate data you need in a firm-wide platform.

Only Foundation gives you the ability to search and report on your information from every angle—starting with the matter, the client, the timekeeper, or related parties—then pivot to look at the data a different way. Or, create a sophisticated search including criteria across multiple entities with just a few clicks.

It's Never Been So Easy to Find What You're Looking For

Use simple keyword searching and type-ahead suggested criteria to find what you need. Further narrow search results using intuitive, built-in filters.

Quickly and Accurately Respond to RFPs

Find matters in the last 2 years where the New York office represented a US buyer in the technology industry acquiring an asset or company in China, Japan, or Korea.

Swift Replies to Pardon-the-Interruption Emails

Have we ever done a deal for a Russian oil company, ideally Lukoil, involving leveraged leases as well as volumetric production payments (VPPs)? Find out in minutes.

Find Matter Experts Immediately

Discover the exact lawyers with specialized expertise and skills to include on a pitch. Who is experienced in arguing trial-level motions, has worked in biotechnology, and speaks French?

Efficiently Solve Client's Problems

Representative matters to solve a client’s problem in an emerging industry. Find all the tech sector unicorn IPOs with a valuation over $1 billion where we represented the issuer in the last five years. 

Generate Better Proposals

Respond quickly to client requests with persuasive, firm-branded materials to win and keep more business. Include tailored, relevant examples of why your firm is the best choice to help clients achieve their goals.

Simple Content Assembly — A shopping cart approach to gathering experiences, attorneys, and selected content assets makes it fast and easy to curate components of a winning pitch or proposal.

Branded Templates — Highly-branded Word and PowerPoint templates allow users to efficiently generate pitches, proposals, biography lists, deal sheets, and other documents without needing to worry about formatting or consistency.

Client Logos and Tombstones — Client profiles support company logos, along with alternative company names for use in anonymized experience descriptions. Experience narratives support the inclusion of dynamically generated tombstone images.

Manage Ranking and Award Submissions

Curate high-value and award-worthy matters, generate submissions using pre-formatted templates, and track the results. Capture valuable matter details from motivated lawyers as a byproduct of the submissions process.

Curate and Manage Biographies

Centrally manage biographies in Foundation, including multiple alternative biographies with stipulated length requirements for targeted inclusion in the firm website directory, pitches, proposals, and more. A simple interface and built-in approval workflows make it possible for lawyers to manage their own biographies and ensure firm consistency.

Practical Business and Client Insights to Grow Your Business

Improve Cross Selling

Discover opportunities to cross sell services using white space reports, client health analytics, and comparative analysis. Identify the most engaged lawyers for additional intel and strategy conversations.

Better Manage Boilerplate Content

Use the built-in library to manage boilerplate content such as accolades, firm overviews, industry highlights, practice descriptions, commitment to diversity, security standards, and other standardized copy and images to include in proposals and client briefing books.

Synchronize with Your Website

Bi-directional integration with your website CMS simplifies maintenance and keeps information accurate and consistent across platforms. For example, you can display Foundation profiled narratives on your website, include approved copy from your CMS in your content library, and manage your biographies in the system of your choice.

Track and Improve Outcomes

Create metrics reports for management that track wins, losses, and other pitch and proposal outcomes. Identify leading indicators to better qualify which RFPs to respond to, inform budgeting, and prioritize investment.

Provide Partners With Actionable Insights

Easily create and share online reports that partners and leadership can run on demand to monitor day-to-day activity, improve decision making, and inform strategic planning. Export report results to Excel, PowerPoint, and/or Word to provide insights to partners and other firm stakeholders outside of Foundation.

Integrate Lateral Hires

Foundation lets you easily capture lateral experiences and expertise when they join the firm. Include their accumulated knowledge in search results to more easily integrate laterals in networking opportunities and new pitches and proposals.

Configure Foundation to Match Your Requirements

Highly configurable and easy to integrate with your business critical systems, Foundation can evolve to match ever-changing firm requirements. The visual configuration builder allows you to define firm and matter type specific fields and form layouts, no programming or vendor involvement required.

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