Easily Access What You Know, What You've Done, and Who You've Done It For

That’s why the Foundation Firm Intelligence platform transforms your disparate data about clients, matters, people, and parties into usable and actionable information.

Integrated applications for Experience Management, Expertise Location, and Strategic Relationship Management operationalize your firm knowledge to improve client service, win new business, and gain insight into both the business and practice of law.

Drive the Business Forward

Powerful search and reporting capabilities make it easy to access your data for strategic and day-to-day initiatives, including:

  • Locating relevant experiences for pitching, pricing, and proposals
  • Identifying lawyers with the best matched expertise
  • Analytics driven client service and cross-selling
  • Extracting actionable insights to grow the firm
  • Integrating lateral hires

Knowledge Management

What you know is your currency in the knowledge economy. Foundation lets you leverage your collective work experience for competitive advantage and operational efficiencies.
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Experience Management

A complete marketing and business development solution to help you win more deals and firm recognition. Locate experts and experiences as easily as generating pitches, submissions, and proposals, so you can focus on targeted messaging.
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Strategic Relationship Management

A key component of your CRM strategy, Foundation enables you to better understand and serve your clients. A single, comprehensive client view includes experience history, related parties, and more.
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