In Q3, we focused on interoperability, integrations, and continued simplification of workflows and vendor relationships. Interoperability across the portfolio gives users similar experiences and shared functionality across their workflows, now with the ability to compare documents within Litera Transact.

As for integrations, we continue to deliver the tools and features users need when they need it, now with Litigation Companion and Fastcase, and Litera Transact and OneSpan.

This quarter’s enhancements also further streamline the document collaboration workflow, provide more flexibility and speed in the signature management process, give law firms more control of their organizational settings, and make cite checking much easier for litigators and litigation teams. See below for more on the most notable updates!


Reordering content within Clause Companion is easier with the new ability to drag and drop, so your firm’s users can find what they need, faster.


Litigation Companion integrates with yet another case law research library—Fastcase! This integration and a new Citation Issues category makes cite checking much faster and easier for litigation teams.


Metadact can now process password-protected ZIPs without the Outlook Add-In, removing yet another step from a secure email workflow.

Compare becomes even more stable as product quality is a top focus. Plus, save and send redlines in multiple formats more easily and leverage new usage tracking capabilities. See the updates in action.


Litera Transact combines the power of Doxly and Workshare Transact into a single workspace. Now, users can compare documents within the platform, further increasing interoperability across the drafting portfolio. Also, leverage incredible signing enhancements including a new integration with OneSpan, and increase the firm’s capacity to manage deals globally. See the updates in action.

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