We are pleased to announce major updates with the Q1 product release! While every product received a performance boost, you can see the biggest enhancements to the products below.

Contract & Litigation Companion, Version 10.10

To reinforce our commitment to smarter drafting, Contract Companion expanded its Active Drafting functionality to fix inline definitions. Active Drafting flags and surfaces issues where the cursor lays in the document. Before, items could be corrected from the task pane. Now, users can shave time off the repair process and right-click to fix issues with defined terms—inline as well as from the task pane.

Don’t forget—HyperCase® Weblinks is available! Firms with Litigation Companion and Best Authority have access to this feature, which enables users to hyperlink their case citations and references to a wide range of online research providers all from within their working document.

Additional Product Updates 

Forte, Clause Companion, DocXtools, Metadact, and Compare received fixes as well.

If you are a customer and want to learn more about updates specific to your products, please contact your Customer Success Manager or log into the Customer Center.

To see a demo of any product,  let us know.