Q2 was a big quarter with the launch of Litera Check and a number of high-priority feature additions. As usual, we’ve made improvements to all of our products, fixing bugs as we uncover them and responding to our customers’ requests for new or better functions.

The highlights of this round include:

Big changes to Content Companion, Version 4.10.0, which now has the ability to recommend more relevant language using artificial intelligence and natural language processing tools powered by the Litera Recommendations Service. We’ve designed a smooth, streamlined workflow that will surface precedent and preferred language options to users within their documents as they draft. These content insights allow legal professionals to create higher quality, more consistent drafts, taking advantage of their full library of firm precedent, without changing their familiar drafting process. To provide the content for the new Recommend tool, we’ve added a parsing tool that analyzes documents and their metadata—individually or in batches—at the clause or provision level to help users curate their content collections.

The new Litera Check, Version 1.1.0, now checks automatically for legacy apps during installation and migrates user and admin settings so that users don’t have to recreate their preferred settings. Wait, did you miss the Litera Check announcement? We’ve been quietly rolling it out over the last quarter, and we’re hearing great feedback. Litera Check combines the power of Contract Companion, Litigation Companion, DocXtools Companion, and Best Authority into one simple, clear workflow with a single task pane, one add-in, and one installer. It’s a way to create perfect documents every time—in less time, and with less stress.


An updated user interface for Metadact, Version 5.4.0, that simplifies and standardizes the Outlook experience, with hover-over tool-tips for cleaning options instead of a standalone menu. In addition, Metadact can now accurately identify content risks, returning a color-coded risk score, and it allows users to easily deviate policies as needed. We’ve also improved the Metadact Server performance to offer better parallel processing for files of the same format.

But that’s not all! We’ve also updated the following:

  • Best Authority, Version 6.2.0, has an updated interface for the HyperCase® Weblinks workflow. Now law firms with Litigation Companion and Best Authority have a more user-friendly interface to hyperlink case citations and references using a range of online research providers—all without leaving their working document.
  • Contract/Litigation Companion, Version 10.11.0, has several updates, including improved citation detection so that citations with geographic information aren’t mislabeled as addresses. We’ve also brought the user experience for the Contract Companion O365 app in line with the desktop experience and fixed an issue that was causing high RAM usage for some customers.
  • DocXtools, Version 11.11.0, has added support for Word’s built-in style translation for foreign language fields in tables of contents. Now, documents that are exchanged between computers with different language packs will correctly maintain their TOC formatting.

Interested in learning more about the updates we’ve applied specifically to your products? Want to request a feature that you’d like to see in a future product release? Please contact your Customer Success Manager or log into the Customer Center for more information. If you’d like to see a demo of any product—like the new Litera Check—just get in touch.