Metadact Q2’23 Release: Compliance and Accessibility at the Forefront

Tue 25 Jul 2023

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to Litera's Metadact, our powerful metadata cleaning solution designed to help you produce professional documents while ensuring compliance and accessibility. In the second quarter of 2023, our dedicated team has made significant enhancements to further elevate your document cleaning experience. 

Enhanced Detection of Improper Redactions

The security of sensitive information is paramount in today's business landscape. Improper redactions in documents can lead to data leaks and jeopardize your organization's reputation. With our Q2’23 release, we have empowered Metadact with the ability to detect improper redactions that may reveal hidden text underneath. 

Through this new feature, Metadact will promptly alert users if any redactions are potentially flawed, allowing them to address these issues before sharing documents with third parties. This enhancement reinforces the risk mitigation capabilities of Metadact, ensuring your documents remain safe and confidential. 

Making Accessibility a Priority

At Litera, we believe that software should be inclusive and accessible to everyone. In line with this philosophy, we have taken strides to make Metadact more user-friendly for all individuals. We are pleased to announce the integration of keyboard navigation in Metadact's Basic Mode, making it easier for everyone to utilize the solution for document cleaning and preparation. 

Now, regardless of any accessibility needs, users can navigate Metadact with ease, ensuring that everyone can produce professional documents efficiently and confidently. 

Third-Party Monitoring Services for Enhanced Server Management

We understand the importance of maintaining server performance and preventing any disruptions for end-users. To help administrators proactively monitor their Metadact Servers, we have introduced the Third-Party Monitoring Service in this release. 

With this feature, administrators gain the ability to configure existing or third-party monitoring applications to track server performance. By receiving timely updates on server health and identifying potential issues early on, administrators can take immediate action to prevent downtime and optimize the user experience. 

Seamless Document Cleaning with Dynamic Stages 

Preparing documents for sharing through Microsoft Outlook is now more streamlined and transparent than ever before. Our Q2’23 release introduces dynamic stages in the Metadact Web App, providing users with a clear understanding of each phase of the attachment cleaning process. 

From Checking Recipients to Configuration and processing, users can effortlessly navigate through the various stages, gaining real-time insights into the document's status. This enhancement optimizes the user experience, saving valuable time during the document preparation process. 

Distribution Lists and Contact Group Enhancements 

Understanding whether recipients or contact groups are internal or external is crucial to maintaining document and email security.  

In Metadact for Outlook, we have enhanced the current Distribution List capabilities by:  

  • Adding the ability to treat all distribution lists as “internal only,” “external only”, or allowing Metadact to check for external recipients. 
  • Adding the ability to treat all contact groups as “internal only," “external only”, or allowing Metadact to check for external recipients. 

These enhancements help firms and organizations with internal or external-only distribution lists or contact groups to reduce the need for Metadact to unnecessarily check or process recipients if not needed or desired, speeding up processing and enhancing user experience. 

For more information on all the fixes and improvements introduced in this release, visit our Customer Center, where you can also register for upcoming training courses. Alternatively, you can contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) reach out to our support team

Stay Informed: Product Release, Version Support, and Obsolescence Policy 

As a reminder, our Product Release, Version Support, and Obsolescence Policy came into effect in September 2021. If you have not yet familiarized yourself with this policy, we encourage you to review it here. Staying informed ensures you have a comprehensive understanding of our product's lifecycle and support commitments.

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