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How Litera’s Dragon Deal Point Database Makes the Impossible Possible

As anyone in M&A can attest, deals can range from straightforward to complex and sprawling with multiple stakeholders from disparate industries. Negotiating the terms of any potential transaction almost inevitably involves one of the parties' counsel claiming that a given term is or is not "market," followed by discussions on whether a precedent transaction possesses enough similarities to warrant the inclusion of similar terms in the purchase agreement for the transaction at hand. To that end, M&A lawyers based in North America and the UK report that technologies aimed at supporting them during the negotiation phase of M&A are among the most important to them and their practices.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the availability of Foundation Dragon—a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind Gen AI tool from Litera that’s poised to make the impossible possible. By transforming data into a quantifiable asset, legal teams gain near real-time access to harness all relevant data points from past deals and get a complete picture of the deal landscape. Let’s dig into how you can derive unprecedented value from Foundation Dragon.

Drive Productivity with Data Intelligence
With access to relevant market information right at your fingertips, your legal teams can easily understand how deals of similar size and scale have unfolded in the past. Along with the agreement’s context, Foundation Dragon captures all relevant deal points, allowing you to work smarter and faster — able to keep pace with the top global law firms.

With the average firm spending close to 7,000 hours per year on research and post-deal surveys, Foundation Dragon streamlines the process, giving direct insight into what was agreed upon in previous negotiations and collecting deal data. By automating the M&A survey process, what has taken 6-8 hours in the past is reduced to a quick 15 minutes. For small teams especially, Dragon is a game-changer, saving resources and giving you the capacity to handle the same workload as much larger teams with greater precision. As one user, a Chief Knowledge Officer from a global law firm, expressed in our pilot launch, “This is phenomenal accuracy!” Foundation Dragon's AI-driven, near-real-time capabilities ensure reliability and up-to-date deal points, surpassing the time-consuming nature of traditional methods.

Here are a few of the direct advantages of unleashing this power of Gen AI to aggregate your firm’s data intelligence:

  • Overcome Challenges in Conveying Value: Despite having a wealth of experience in a practice area, firms struggle to articulate a clear value proposition for clients. By leveraging the scale of data, you can tap into the power of Foundation Dragon to provide meaningful results for clients.
  • Gain a Deal Point Database Advantage: While some large firms with dedicated, full-time teams have garnered quantifiable data in a deal-point database, most don’t have the resources or expertise to create such a system. With Foundation Dragon, firms of any size can replicate these homegrown systems using a simpler, cost-effective solution with similar advantages. Legal professionals are empowered to negotiate better terms and position themselves as market leaders.
  • Secure an Immediate Competitive Advantage: With direct access to your firm’s data, you have a powerful resource at hand that many others don’t. In just a few clicks, discover what your firm’s experts have done before and find negotiation intelligence on other firms. Foundation Dragon offers objective proof of a firm's experience and enables clients to understand deal expectations based on that experience. This, in turn, strengthens client relationships and instills confidence in the outcomes. Arrive at the negotiating table well-equipped with info and data to drive results.

Foundation Dragon heralds a new era in M&A deal management, where data becomes a quantifiable asset that empowers legal teams to navigate the complexities of deals with unparalleled efficiency and precision. By harnessing the power of GenAI, Foundation Dragon offers immediate access to comprehensive deal data, revolutionizing how firms derive value from their wealth of experience.

You can learn more about Foundation Dragon here!



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