Unlocking Your Firm's Wisdom: Transitioning from Innova and Forte to Litera Create

Thu 03 Aug 2023

In the rapidly evolving legal tech landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for law firms to maintain efficiency and maximize productivity. Recognizing the need to consolidate overlapping applications and enhance the legal tech experience, Litera has introduced Litera Create—a powerful document assembly and content library platform. By combining the best features of Innova, Forte, and Content Companion, Litera Create offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines the document drafting process and unlocks your firm's wisdom.

In a recent webinar, Product Manager, Peter Busse, Senior Manager of Solutions Engineering, Cinda Voutselas, and VP of Product, Matt Miller, hosted a webinar to educate firms about modernizing their legal documentation creation process and how they can move to Litera Create. In this blog post, we’ll summarize what they discussed, including the benefits of transitioning to Litera Create, the migration process, and the future prospects of this innovative platform.

Empowering Legal Professionals

Litera Create revolutionizes the way legal professionals draft documents, empowering them to work faster, more intelligently, and with enhanced accuracy. By leveraging enterprise-approved templates and the most updated and relevant language, legal professionals can create quick and accurate first drafts, saving valuable time and effort. Peter and Cinda spent some time covering the benefits of Litera Create, including:

  • Increased Efficiency: Litera Create merges document templating and a content library into a single, unified workflow. This approach simplifies the drafting process and accelerates speed. In fact, legal professionals can complete document drafting up to 85% faster than traditional methods.
  • Risk Mitigation: By providing a comprehensive library of document templates, Litera Create mitigates the risk of mistakes and ensures the usage of accurate and compliant content. Legal professionals can access firm-wide and practice group-specific libraries, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organization.
  • Innovative Architecture: Litera Create is built on a services-oriented architecture that centralizes all key features and enhances product performance and robustness. Its API infrastructure enables seamless integration with third-party systems, expanding functionality and promoting interoperability within the legal tech ecosystem.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Litera Create boasts an intuitive and simple interface, minimizing the need for extensive end-user training. Legal professionals can quickly adapt to the platform, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks rather than getting bogged down by complex workflows.
  • Hassle-Free Implementation: For law firms without dedicated IT departments, Litera Create's hosted solution removes the burden of managing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth implementation process.

Planning for Migration

Planning ensures ample time for recreating and testing templates, preventing any disruptions to the document assembly process.

How Long Will Migration Take?

The time required to complete the transition to Litera Create varies depending on the firm's size and whether they are migrating from Innova or Forte. While smaller law firms can expect the process to take about three to four months, larger firms may require at least six months. This timeframe allows for a thorough migration, testing, and template refinement process. However, Litera is with you at each step of the way, ensuring a successful and smooth transition.

Overall, transitioning from Innova and Forte to Litera Create represents a significant opportunity for law firms to streamline their document assembly processes.

To learn more, watch the full, on-demand webinar, read our whitepaper on the same topic, and schedule a call with one of our experts here.

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