Litera Create

Create better documents, faster.

Litera Create is a document assembly and content library solution that replaces Litera’s Forte and Innova products to provide access to firm-approved templates and your favorite content all of which can be stored and surfaced from multiple external sources via Microsoft Word.


Litera Create helps you focus on what matters.

Firms are under increasing pressure from clients to do more for less; any inefficiencies in the workflow that adds cost or time is an immediate threat to retention. Legal professionals often re-purpose documents and templates, manually replacing old data with new.

Firms report that 35% or more of their time is spent on non-billable work. Activities like drafting and finding best content taking up to 5-9 hrs, or about 53% of their time. See how Litera Create enables you to access the templates that matter, and speeds up the creation process.

Why Litera Create?

The integration of content and template functionality provides a seamless workflow from initial creation to a fully drafted document giving users back valuable time and positively impacting law firm margins. With robust API capabilities and server-based architecture, document assembly, template and content functionality can be built into existing applications, or you can develop browser- and device- based applications allowing accessing to web forms or extending the desktop experience.

See how Litera Create takes away the frustration of document creation:

Draft Faster

Streamline repetitive tasks in the creation of legal documents, saving up to 85% of drafting time.

Consistent Quality

Safeguard the firm’s reputation by enforcing the use of standard, approved content.

Safer Reuse

Automatically anonymize and save content from documents into content libraries for safe, future reuse.

Key Features


Create templates, precedents, boilerplates, and template packs, making them available to all or specific users.

Numbering and TOCs 

Define and manipulate existing numbering, styles, and generate multiple table of contents in a document.

Share Content

Share clauses between users or across departments and facilitate better internal collaboration from within Microsoft Word. 

House Pleadings

Apply firm styles (signatures, names, etc.) to the federal and state court pleadings.

Doc ID

Manage Doc IDs with flexibility and ease, as you automatically insert or convert Doc ID stamps where needed.

Save Content

Easily store correctly formatted clauses for future access.

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