Microsoft Azure - hosting of the Comparison sub-application and database - hosted in the same geographic region chosen by the customer for their Litera Transact instance. This application provides users, within the Litera Transact application, a document comparison service identifying changes between versions and then presents them back to the user in a web interface.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) – (i) hosting of the core Litera Transact application and files uploaded to the platform- – will be hosted in one of the geographic regions provided by Litera that the customer can choose.

Pendo – Analytics processor that provides insight into how users interact with the application. Located at United States.

Salesforce – Globally recognized CRM used to track and manage customer support request. Located at United States.

Y Meadows - AI-based application that will integrate with Salesforce to determine the intent of the text-based emails (cases being opened by customers) and then direct the cases to the correct queue/support subgroup. This is executed by a series of APIs and web-based automations. Hosted in the United States.

Office 365 - Provides corporate email and collaboration resources. This system will process general business to business correspondence. This system will process incoming email customer support requests as part of the communication chain to Salesforce. Hosted in the United States.

Mimecast - industry recognized mail filter and spam prevention tool. All mail sent and received by Litera’s O365 environment is processed through this system. This system will process incoming email customer support 


Zoom Contact Center - is used to perform inbound/outbound call routing, intelligent queueing, and call distribution to Litera’s global Support team. Hosted in the United States.

NEW - Intellek – Provides interactive training services on Litera products to customers in the form of videos and other training materials.  Hosted in the US.

NEW - Atlassian Suite of Products - Globally recognized issue tracking and product development suite of tools. Located in the United States.


NEW - Pendo - Analytics processor that provides insight into how users interact with the application, in app notification, training, and user sentiment. Located at United States.

NEW - NewRelic - It is a third-party logging platform that Litera uses for ingesting, parsing, querying, and performing analytics on Service application and infrastructure logs (“Logs”). These Logs are then used for debugging, troubleshooting, auditing, reporting, and detecting and alerting on unexpected application behavior. The data is processed in the United States. 


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