Work faster. Work better.

Spend less time spotting the difference and more time making one.

The Corporate World

Your organization collaborates on documents every day.

Our solutions are designed to help your employees spend time on creating quality content, and value for your customers. We do this for hundreds of organizations around the world, supporting them with products which reduce the time spent on low value work.

Whether it’s showing changes in Powerpoint, Excel, Word, or PDFs, or if it’s about how to quickly and easily send files securely, we’ve got you covered.

Compare. Clean. Share.

Empower your teams. Increase quality.

Serve your customers better.

Deliver technology that enables your teams to focus on higher value work.

Embedded in the workflow.

Help employees to more easily comply with your company’s standards by surfacing tools contextually.

Control your environment.

Administrative controls which enable central policy management and ensure company-wide compliance.

Get help when you need it.

Our help desk provides ongoing support and expert assistance when you need it most.