Market-leading solutions designed with in-house teams in mind.

Get the best technology to power your legal operations efforts, helping you save time and get more done — safely.

Litera solutions align with the core values of legal operations.

Simplify Vendor Management

Get the best drafting and collaboration tools from a single vendor, supported by expert training and quarterly updates.

Improve Practice Operations

Provide simple tools that bring massive time-savings, helping users focus more attention on higher-value activities.

Enhance Service Delivery

Deliver a seamless user experience as Litera tools fully integrate into the DMS and where user's work.

Solve More Problems

Innovate and automate time-consuming and resource-heavy tasks with tech that spearheads the legal industry.

Solve your biggest document drafting and collaboration challenges.

Litera Compare

This market-leading comparison solution accurately detects changes across any two documents in seconds. It is fully integrated into the DMS, Google, email, and more so you’ll never miss a beat. Click here to learn more.


Protect against making embarrassing email distribution mistakes and sending documents with hidden metadata in them, which could lead to reputational damage and inadvertent disclosure. Click here to learn more.

Contract Companion

Leverage the power of AI to drastically reduce the time and effort it takes to proofread and review a document. In seconds, it creates a legal health report and flags hard-to-see errors that native Word won’t catch. Click here to learn more.

Litera Transact

Convert the manual, tedious process of managing deals into a secure and collaborative workspace, resulting in a painless and more profitable way to get deals done. Click here to learn more.

Corporate clients using Litera products

The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
United Airlines
Lockheed Martin
Illuminated Research
Gilead Sciences

Receive full support throughout the Drafting Lifecycle.

Lawyers spend up to 60% of their time drafting documents, and they do so under continued pressure to complete high-quality work quickly.

Our goal at Litera is to help law firms and legal departments leverage technology throughout the drafting lifecycle, so that they can spend more time on high value tasks, and less on error-prone manual aspects which have been successfully automated.

What others say about Litera

Tullow Oil Corporate Counsel

"The ability to easily integrate into our [DMS] environment meant we could take the additional benefits of Litera Compare, such as faster and more efficient document comparison, while allowing users to continue using the document management system they are familiar with. We are always looking to deploy tools that make it easier for staff to do their jobs, and the combination of [our DMS] and Compare does that."

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