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The Litera Ecosystem

Litera supports legal teams of all sizes as they draft documents, run deals, and manage cases, surfacing the technology they need in the places where they need it. The ecosystem is made up of our workspaces, Litera Transact and Litera Litigate, our document review and repair solution, Litera Check, and our full-service drafting workflow solution, Litera Desktop.

Document Review and Repair

Litera Check

Litera Check empowers lawyers to identify errors in their documents and quickly correct them, reducing time spent on repetitive, frustrating, error-prone work and increasing profitability.

By integrating several existing solutions into one straightforward workflow, one task pane, and one add-in, Litera Check improves the user experience and simplifies IT’s role in installation and management.

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Workflow Solutions

Litera Desktop

Lawyers spend up to 60% of their time drafting documents, and they do so under continued pressure to turnaround high-quality work quickly.

Litera Desktop is a single toolbar that includes everything legal teams need to safely create, check, clean, and compare documents. From first draft to final delivery, you can now work through your document with a seamless, fully integrated experience.

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Get to a great first draft quicker.

Litera supports content from all Research & Guidance sources, lets you re-use your Precedents & Clauses, and helps you style consistently.

Save up to 85% of time needed to generate new docs and reduce manual entry with Forte.

Re-use, store, and share best practice clauses with Content Companion.

Fix technical and legal structure.

Legal documents demand two broad categories of checking: identification and repair of errors in the technical structure, including numbering and formatting issues, and proofreading for errors in the legal structure, including citations and defined terms.

Identify and repair technical errors faster with DocXtools Companion, improving turnaround time.

Proofread for legal errors with Contract Companion or Litigation Companion, enhanced with Best Authority, to relieve the burden of repetitive work and spend more time adding value through better client service.

Not ready to commit to Litera Desktop? The new Litera Check combines all of these review and repair tools to create one seamless workflow with a single task pane for users and one add-in and one installer for IT to manage.

Manage increased complexity.

In the collaboration and negotiation stage, the number of people, and versions of the document increase significantly. Ensure that details aren’t missed and mistakes in the transfer of the document don’t occur.

Let Metadact protect your firm’s email against embarrassment due to metadata exposure and unintended distribution.

Instantly compare complex documents with Litera Compare, so time is spent considering changes rather than finding them.

Give your staff the tools they need to work efficiently and securely

Automatically convert all image-based documents in a DMS to text-searchable PDFs using contentCrawler. The Compression module will then apply compression and downsampling to all PDFs, reducing them in file size.

Assembling hundreds of case files from many different locations and in multiple formats can take hours of work. Automating the creation of an electronic PDF binder takes the hard work out creating closing books.  And with pdfDocs Binder you get the job done up to 75% faster.

Reduce the time it takes to review and permanently remove sensitive content from documents with pdfDocs.

Workspace Solutions

Litera Transact

In any deal, there are countless paper documents, revisions, and signatures to review, negotiate, and track. Clients lack visibility of progress and lawyers get bogged down in administrative tasks like managing signatures, resulting in significant write-offs.

Litera Transact is a deal management platform that converts the manual, tedious process of managing transactions into a secure collaborative workspace.

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Streamline the deal initiation.

Identify participants with a digital working group list, eliminating the need for manual revisions of physical lists.

Use a pre-populated due diligence or CP list and set unique user roles and permissions.

Collect and manage all documents in a centralized data room with built-in communication and workflow tools.


Track negotiations in real-time.

Select interactive closing checklists with a customizable template.

Enable document collaboration with internal and external parties. Upload documents, negotiate terms, and edit checklists in real-time throughout each stage of the deal process.

Assign tasks and set reminders to ensure all crucial transaction tasks are completed on time.

Run document comparisons with Litera Compare, and mark documents as final.

Automate tedious closing tasks.

Save 60–80% of time spent managing the signature process.

Identify and add signers to each document. Signature pages and packets are auto generated, then securely sent to each signer for electronic or wet ink signature.

All signatures are automatically tracked within the platform.

Create execution copies, including adding exhibits and attachments, without printing or scanning a single page.

Save days on post-closing.

Easily edit and organize the auto-generated table of contents, then create closing books for each transaction and for specific stakeholders within minutes – not days.

Select how to send the final deliverables, whether it be through the platform in PDF or HTML format or more traditionally on a disc or USB drive.

Keep clients happy as they receive their deliverables right after closing, not months later.


Litera Litigate

To master a successful case, everyone must be on the same page – organized, informed, and able to draw the right conclusions, fast. But when every team has a unique workflow, it becomes harder to stay on top of things and easier to accumulate stress, unbillable hours, and chaos.

Litera Litigate modernizes traditional workflows, helping teams add structure, accelerate insights, and stay connected throughout the case.

We recently acquired Allegory Law, which will become Litera Litigate.

Streamline early findings.

Organize findings from investigation into a collaborative, cloud-based workspace.

Highlight and link sections within pleadings and early motions back to witnesses, topics, and exhibits.

Speed up witness prep by 5x when all relevant data is automatically cross-referenceable.

Examine key findings faster.

Make notes and highlight context from written discovery and fact discovery, linking themes together.

Safely share insights in real-time, even with expert discovery, with unique roles and permissions.

Connect the dots between witnesses, transcripts, and issues, surfacing critical details in seconds.

Present your story with confidence.

Develop statements of facts and exhibit sets for summary judgment about 30x faster.

Prepare pre-trial motions with digital witness pages, final exhibit sets, and an order of proof.

With the case’s entire journey organized at your fingertips, search for key information for settlement or trial 56x faster.


Improve and exceed expectations

Serve your clients better

Enable your teams to focus on higher value work.

Empower your legal teams

Reduce reliance on support staff, and improve turnaround time.

Improve realization rates

Reduce write-offs and writedowns by leveraging technology to reduce unbillable hours.

Retain talent

The new generation of lawyers has a greater expectation of the role which technology should play in their work life, and greater comfort with it.

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