Your firm’s reputation relies on the quality of your documents.

Law firms, and their lawyers, are under greater pressure than at any point in history. Client expectations are on the rise, and support teams are shrinking.

Realization Rates.

In a climate where fixed fee work is on the rise, you need a legal technology solution to help your firm maximize profitability.

Talent Retention.

The new generation of lawyers has a greater expectation of the role which technology should play in their work life, and greater comfort with it.

 Real Value.

Adoption is key to realizing a return. Solutions must integrate with legal workflows and provide value across the spectrum of technical proficiency.


 The Drafting Lifecycle

Lawyers spend up to 60% of their time drafting documents, and they do so under continued pressure to turnaround high-quality work quickly.

Our goal at Litera Microsystems is to help law firms and legal departments leverage technology throughout the drafting lifecycle, so that they can spend more time on high value tasks, and less on error-prone manual aspects which have been successfully automated.


Create. Check. Collaborate.

Empower your teams. Increase quality.

Serve your clients better.

Enable your teams to focus on higher value work.

Empower your legal teams.

Reduce reliance on support staff, and improve turnaround time.

Improve realization rates.

Reduce write-offs and write-downs by leveraging technology to reduce unbillable hours.

Get help when you need it.

Our help desk provides ongoing support and expert assistance when you need it most.