Analyze, repair, and restyle with ease.

DocXtools is a robust set of document repair tools to help you repair and style your documents, greatly increasing document quality and cuts review time in half. It helps legal teams meet client demands, improve collaboration, and quickly produce high-quality documents.

DocXtools helps you focus on what matters.

The delivery of legal documents is an intricate, collaborative process. On complex matters with multiple contributors, tight deadlines, and reduced support staff, the result is all too often an unstable document with inconsistent formatting and style. See how DocXtools repairs and styles documents in seconds.


Why DocXtools?

Industry Standard

Over 75% of Am Law 250 and more than 50 international law firms use DocXtools to streamline document production.

Document Stability

Fix any issue that makes a document unstable and apply your firm’s house style with a click.

Emergency Repairs with DocER™

If your document is beyond repair, send it to us! We’ll fix it and return it typically within two hours, with a report detailing what was wrong and how it was repaired.

What Others Say About DocXtools

Magic Circle Firm Leverages Technology to Better Serve Clients

Am Law 100 Lawyer Saves Time to Do Higher-Value Work

Am Law 200 Firm Relies on DocXtools to Repair Documents Fast

Paul Greenwood Chief Information Officer at Clifford Chance

"Our document workflows are now better aligned with the needs of our clients. DocXtools, along with the support of the Litera team, has allowed us to strategically prepare ourselves to move our technology ahead and provide a world-class legal work product to our clients."

Attorney at Littler Mendelson

"With DocXtools, I can fix any unstable document by taking some really quick steps — which allows me to get back to doing actual work."

Donna Dailey Document Production Manager at Kelley Drye & Warren

"DocXtools', ‘Quick Clean’ is absolutely standard. It is something my team relies on. All documents go through it. In fact, utilizing DocXtools is part of the normal course of business... The first thing we do is to go to DocXtools and breathe a sigh of relief. This product goes in deeper and takes out all the junk. The speed, efficiency, and output is extraordinary."

Key Features

Stoplight Analysis

In one click, discover problem areas within your document and understand severity with a “red, yellow, green” status.

Clean Up and Repair

Quickly fix document instabilities with tools ranging from a quick clean to a complete rebuild.

Apply Styles

Re-style documents, apply comprehensive styles by category (numbering, body, titles), or import styles from other templates.

Document Conversion

Assess document readiness for conversion, then convert file types while and preserving your layout.

Want to see it in action?

Calculate Your ROI for DocXtools

Our customers report an average time savings of 30 minutes per week while using DocXtools. Enter your details below to simulate your potential annual return on investment.

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DocXtools Companion

Resolve the most common document issues with the click of a button, taking document repair tasks from hours to minutes and reduce reliance on support teams.

Draft documents faster, smarter, & more efficiently than ever before Learn more

DocXtools for Life Sciences

Accelerate the creation, review, and formatting of eCTDs, helping you get documents submission-ready faster.