Litigation Companion

Deliver court-ready documents, faster.

Litigation Companion is a document review and Table of Authorities (TOA) creation solution that drastically reduces the time and effort it takes to deliver a document. It automatically flags hard-to-see content and citation errors and builds a TOA in minutes—not hours—powered by the Best Authority engine trusted by the world’s largest law firms.

Litigation Companion helps you focus on what matters.

Between investigating claims, building cases through fact development and legal research, and drafting pleadings and briefs, litigation teams have a huge caseload. They face pressure to make documents right and, to mitigate potential issues, wait until the last minute to create a tedious TOA that takes hours in a stressful race against time.


See how Litigation Companion takes away the frustration of TOA creation and document review:

Work Smarter

Let technology handle the review and TOA processes to eliminate stress at the 11th hour and allow the team to focus more on higher-priority work.

Improve Quality

Go beyond spellcheck with the ability to automatically catch then fix errors, confirm the accuracy of citation formats, and hyperlink citations to court-accessible legal research databases.

Reduce Risks

Implement last-minute changes quickly and accurately with searchable TOAs, helping the team meet deadlines and avoid re-work.

What Others Say About Litigation Companion

Boutique NYC Firm Leverages AI to Ensure Document Consistency

Steven Heller Director of Technology at Graubard Miller

"Before, litigators would read through their document, highlight citations, and manually mark them. Now, Litigation Companion automatically detects and codes each citation and generates a TOA with the click of a button, helping litigators quickly and efficiently check their document and ensure consistent formatting."

Heather Morrow Director of Project Management and Training, Loeb & Loeb

“It is quicker to scan, easier to review, and gives the option to preview exactly how the TOA will look once it is built inside of the document. Definitely two thumbs up.”

Key Features

TOAs powered by Best Authority

Automatically find and mark all citations in a brief and create an accurate, correctly sorted, and formatted TOA in minutes, not hours.

Update TOAs with Review Mode

Edit TOAs directly in the preview panel and know that customizations are saved upon rescan. Search for specific citations or only what has changed.

Document Review

Quickly check then fix all errors and logical inconsistencies with names, dates, and locations, and review color-coded citations in the TOA review panel.

Case Validation

Confirm the citations used are in court-approved formats and up-to-date with the Lexis Advance and Fastcase integrations.

HyperCase® Weblinks

Apply hyperlinks to case citations and references from a wide range of online research providers.

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Litera Check


The new Litera Check combines Litigation Companion with DocXtools Companion and Contract Companion to create one seamless workflow with a single task pane for users and one add-in and one installer for IT to manage.

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