Litigation Companion

Use AI to deliver high-quality documents, faster.

Litigation Companion is a proofreading tool that leverages Artificial Intelligence to ensure your documents meet your firm’s strict quality standards and your clients’ expectations.

Why Litigation Companion?

Review Faster

Automatically identify and review errors in real-time and quickly get back to higher-value activities.

Improve Quality

Consistently demonstrate the legal teams’ capabilities, value, and work integrity.

Reduce Risks

Reduce time pressure and complete a more precise review that is difficult to achieve manually at the 11th hour.

What Others Say About Litigation Companion

Boutique NYC Firm Leverages AI to Ensure Document Consistency

Steven Heller Director of Technology at Graubard Miller

"Before, litigators would read through their document, highlight citations, and manually mark them. Now, Litigation Companion automatically detects and codes each citation and generates a TOA with the click of a button, helping litigators quickly and efficiently check their document and ensure consistent formatting."

Key Features


Assess the legal health of your documents in a single click, with issues ranked and flagged by severity.

Review & Edit

Check issues flagged with defined terms, references, citations, and punctuation to ensure validity, accuracy, consistency, and clarity.

Table of Authorities

Automatically detect and code each citation and generate a TOA with the click of a button.

Case Validation

With an integration with Lexis Advance and Google Scholar, you can validate the citations used are the most up to date.

Want to see it in action?

Calculate Your ROI for Litigation Companion

Our customers report an average time savings of one hour per week while using Litigation Companion. Enter the details below to simulate your potential annual return on investment.

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Proofread legal documents in seconds to ensure they meet your firm’s strict quality standards and your clients’ expectations.

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