Litera SecureShare supports company-wide mobility initiatives. 

Litera SecureShare is an on-premise file sharing platform that provides the same value as cloud file sharing offerings, without exposing you to the risk of having to store data on third-party servers, and the resulting exposure problems. See how Litera SecureShare enables users to store, share, and collaborate on content.

Why Litera SecureShare?

Litera SecureShare combines the power of a secure file-sharing platform with our best-in-class document cleaning and comparison tools to enhance collaboration between lawyers and others without necessarily mailing files. Users can securely send encrypted emails and attachments, and transfer large files directly from Microsoft Outlook, or the Litera SecureShare web portal using any internet capable device.

Enhance Collaboration Between Firms and Clients

Centralized User Account Management

Provides control and visibility over the system without dictating how users organize and manage files and projects, ensuring the correct users and permissions are set up for a group.

Mobile Accessibility

Access & share your files on internet capable device, leveraging the policies and rendering sets you’ve set up for your firm.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The "Secure All Attachments" button in Microsoft Outlook allows users to send securely with a single click, in a familiar email environment.

Enhanced Security

Invokes the most secure encryption technology on the market, encrypting entire e-mail and/or attachments and keeping them encrypted even after downloading to a local file store. 

Full Audit Trail

Audit trail with time-stamping, proof of access (not just delivery to a domain), and open notification. 

Large File Transfer

With no limit on the size of files that can be securely transferred, Litera SecureShare supports most complex business processes.

Key Features of Litera SecureShare

Share files and folders with co-workers and clients quicly and easily.

Control access with passwords, expiry dates, upload capability, email notifications and more.

Unlimited file transfer with end-end encryption and full audit trail. 

Clean and compare with integrations to Litera metadata removal and comparison products.

See Litera SecureShare in Action

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